A leading affiliate website in the highly competitive mattress space we conceived and launched in July 2019.

The Challenge

We built an affiliate website in the mattress segment, one of the most competitive categories in e-commerce, to showcase and capitalize on our data driven approach to scale. Initially built in partnership as a secondary paid revenue channel for a leading DTC mattress brand, the site effectively leveraged our granular approach to aggregate high intent demand to convert both high value and profitable paid and organic transactions. Additional components of the business include securing and negotiating strong affiliate relationships, launching profitable paid media campaigns, identifying and capitalizing on high potential content gaps to drive organic traffic, and creating the technical SEO infrastructure that would propel our content to high positions.

The Outcome

The affiliate website has scaled fast, generating 6 figures monthly in organic revenue.
Affiliate Mattress Website

Why We Engaged

We theorized that we could leverage disparate yet relative data sets at granular levels to generate significant value and revenue, which aligns with our business model. Based on this, and through extensive data analysis and the development of proprietary demand generation tools, we identified a clear path to profitable revenue via paid and organic traffic, which aligns with our business model.


3.5 Years
Content strategy and development, web design, application development, technical SEO, affiliate partnerships and management, CRO, data analytics, business strategy, financial modelling.


Design, develop, and manage a site that delivers a seamless user experience and drives conversion.

Identify high volume content gaps.

Create and execute content and backlink strategy.

Curate and negotiate high-potential affiliate relationships.


Generated +$100M in gross revenue for leading mattress brands at industry high commission rates.

Through a/b testing and constant on-site optimization, we’ve more than doubled our onsite conversion rate.

We utilized our proprietary research tool to generate demand - identifying high-intent, low-competition keywords to target in both organic and paid strategies.
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