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Brand-OS™. Finance + Operations (FinOps) empowerment for the world’s most ambitious brands.

Welcome to the future — where the thrill of creation, the materialization of ambition, and the pursuit of growth defines world-changing brand building.

That’s Brand-OS™

Brand-OSTM is a proven platform that combines tech-enabled FinOps with hands on expertise.

As a holistic enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management system, Brand-OS™ provides the expertise and resources our clients need most, so they can focus on growth. From pre-revenue to over $150 million, it’s the operational backbone our clients rely on to help them scale.



A holistic business management system empowering founders to grow their brands with tech-enabled finance and operations services.


Embedded management team that is fully integrated and committed to client success.


365-day routine using financial models and data to guide planning, execution, analysis, and optimization.


Platform - Data hub that informs decisions, guides execution, and facilitates function management.

With Brand-OSTM, both early-stage startups and growth-stage companies can focus on high-growth activities - and succeed.


Brand-OSTM is the world’s only holistic FinOps solution created specifically for brands in the CPG industry.

Imagine tapping into the world-class back-office expertise and resources of a multinational industry leader to help you scale your brand as you focus on growth.

Sounds amazing, right?
That’s Brand-OSTM.

Most brands face resource constraints — and are then forced to prioritize efficiency for growth. Proactive planning and resource management are crucial, requiring fiscal responsibility.

The key to a coordinated approach lies in Brand-OS™ — the connective tissue bridging a company's vision with daily activities, translating aspirations into planned actions and overseeing the system that drives business operations. It’s this system that allows exponential and sustainable growth to occur.

Parfums de Marly perfume bottle with elegant pink display

Nurturing Success

Empowering Parfums de Marly's $100M Success Story in the US Market.

Parfums de Marly entered the US market without investment despite being based in France and Dubai. With guidance and support from SkyeFox, Parfums de Marly was able to focus on sales and distribution, quickly capitalizing on our established infrastructure to support the brand's meteoric growth from zero to more than $100M within five years of entering the US market.

“Parfums de Marly created its US subsidiary three years ago. SKYEFOX has been on our side since day one. Thanks to their professionalism and support, it gives us the time to focus on business development which is essential to succeed. SKYEFOX shows a great adaptability in their organization to match our business trend requirement. We consider the SKYEFOX team as a member of our own team."