A telemedicine platform in the sexual and mental health categories we co-created and co-founded.

The Challenge

With two aggressively competitive niches and exceedingly high average cost per clicks on target terms, we designed, built, and launched a new telehealth platform leveraging an organic strategy to diversify traffic and reduce customer acquisition costs.

The Outcome

Our strategic SEO approach generates over 50,000 organic sessions per month resulting in consistent, foundational, and predictable revenue growth.
Telemedicine Platform

Why We Engaged

We saw a clear path to mid and long term scaling via an organic strategy that could uniquely grow asset value and establish a strong economic foundation to scale from.


1 Year
Healthcare platform ecosystem development to enable DTC business model, CRO, SEO, web design, data analytics, business strategy, financial modeling, advisory.


Design and develop telemed-supported DTC ecosystem to facilitate a new direct patient acquisition channel.

Conduct full keyword and competitor research to discover high-intent bottom-funnel keywords.

Identify high-volume, low-competition FAQ related content gaps related to symptoms of target diseases and ailments.

Generate high-quality, factually-accurate medical content that adds real value to readers.

Create, launch, and analyze constant a/b tests to increase click through rate.

Implement a long tail landing page strategy with an intuitive user journey to surpass competition and achieve growth objectives.

Aggressively optimize website and funnel, conduct ongoing testing, increase efficiency.

Align program performance with company financials.


Our content strategy pulls over 50,000 organic visitors per month, generating cost-effective leads that convert.

Our click through rate is strong and consistent.

Content optimizations improve our rankings for targeted keywords.
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