An innovative pharmaceutical company delivering novel women's reproductive healthcare products.

The Challenge

With many compliance-based limitations and the need to adopt a scalable DTC business model for a pharmaceutical company, we were challenged to design and implement an e-commerce ecosystem inclusive of demand driving, telehealth, and fulfillment to drive new patient acquisition and conversion for a modern birth control solution.

The Outcome

Our paid media campaigns are not only spend-efficient, having cut the average CPC by nearly 50%, but also highly effective, generating a ROAS of 3.8x.

Why We Engaged

With the consumerization of healthcare and telehealth adoption peaking due to pandemic related forces, a consumer-centric approach to patient acquisition was possible. Based on the capability limitations of conventional healthcare marketing firms, our partner’s high product margins and AOV, and a clear path in the data to impact the publicly traded share price.


x 3.8
9 Mo.
Healthcare platform ecosystem development to enable DTC business model, CRO, web design, paid media strategy and management, data analytics, business strategy, financial modelling, advisory.


Design and develop telemd supported DTC ecosystem to facilitate new direct patient acquisition channel.

Conduct full keyword and competitor research to discover high-intent bottom-funnel keywords.

Implement a long-tail landing page strategy with an intuitive user journey to surpass competition and achieve growth objectives.

Aggressively optimize campaigns, conduct ongoing testing, increase efficiency.

Align program performance with company financials.


Achieved a consistent, industry-low average CPC of $3.27 - a reduction of 50%.

Boosted on-page click through rate, generating 17% more leads contributing to revenue growth objectives.

Quickly outranked established competitors, claiming the #5 spot in non-brand auction insights through creative copy.
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