A luxury DTC mattress company that makes and sells handmade bedding.

The Challenge

As one of the most competitive e-commerce segments in the market, our priority was to maintain a dominant brand presence against an aggressive competitive landscape while simultaneously generating profitable revenue. We built, managed, and optimized a strong brand campaign as an offensive competitive strategy and leveraged consumer demand data to build out a strong non-brand foundation to scale new, profitable revenue.

The Outcome

Through a well researched, designed, executed, and optimized strategy, we successfully reclaimed the #1 brand position, reduced CPC by 78%, increased CTR by 120%, and generated over $38,000,000 in profitable revenue.
Luxury Mattress Brand

Why We Engaged

Through granular competitive and demand side data diligence, we identified several pathways to profitable scaling overlooked by a highly sophisticated and aggressive competitive pool. Each pathway demonstrated high-potential in our models to maintain brand goals and objectives while generating significant revenue. As such, this dynamic fulfilled our key criteria to engage.


2.5 Years
Paid media (brand and non-brand) strategy and management, data analytics, CRO, web design, content strategy, business development and strategy, advisory, financial modelling.


Develop strong brand offensive / defensive campaign strategy with thorough keyword research and optimizations.

Out bid and compete against other brands bidding on brand terms.

Create non-brand based landing pages for DSA campaigns.

Run successful non-brand campaigns (shopping and search).

Reduce CPA on brand and non-brand campaigns.


Generated $38,000,000 in new revenue - 270x revenue growth.

Increased ROAS by 342%.

Reduce CPA of brand acquisition by 80% overall.

Initiated a profitable non-brand campaign through specific landing pages catered for DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) and shopping campaigns.
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