One of the largest luxury hair care brands in Japan leveraging an iconic NY-based hair stylist that is now becoming available in the US.

The Challenge

With a sea of well-established competitors, a lack of brand identity, assets and awareness, and the need to implement an efficient operational and management solution, we partnered with this highly successful Japanese haircare brand to successfully introduce it to the US market.

The Outcome

We successfully translated the brand for the US market through identity and platform work and designed and implemented a strategic approach to efficiently launching, managing, and scaling the business leveraging The SFXV Platform resulting in brand awareness and new customers.
Haircare Brand

Why We Engaged

We saw a unique opportunity to efficiently carve space in the competitive US luxury haircare market leveraging unique formulations, a 20+ year successful collaboration with one of the world’s most successful CPG conglomerates, and an iconic hairstylist. Leveraging our expertise in growing CPG brands, this business was a prime candidate to tap into all aspects of the SFXV platform.


1.5 Years
Branding, content strategy, CRO, Shopify web design, paid media strategy and management, data analytics, social media, omnichannel distribution, backoffice, finance, and operational management, customer service, business advisory, financial modelling, business strategy, advisory.


Conduct thorough market, product, and competitor research to identify key value props to focus messaging and strategy.

Establish full operating infrastructure and processes from CFO functions to daily finance, procurement, supply chain management, order processing and fulfillment, customer service, and more.

Design DTC model in conjunction with PR to establish cost effective GTM strategy.

Create a full brand book complete with aesthetic guidelines, angles, and tone of voice.

Design and develop Shopify site that tells the story of the brand, amplifies the value props of the products, and provides a seamless user experience that converts.


Translated, refined, and launched the brand in the US.

Provided full finance, operational, and back office solutions.Improved on-site click through rate by 47% through constant optimizations.

Generated significant organic reach via social media.

Generated a 150% increase in profitable revenue through effective paid media campaigns.
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