An innovative online marketplace for sports and entertainment memorabilia and collectibles backed by an industry legend.

The Challenge

Within this volatile niche, demand for and value of items are ever-changing based on trend, seasonality and current events. Furthermore, most of the company's 90,000 SKUs are one-of-a-kind and uncategorized, and there was no predictive product data or organization to leverage. To address this, we created a categorical data structure, generated sub-niche specific demand data, and set up the technical infrastructure to support our paid media efforts.

The Outcome

Our technical and data-driven foundation enabled scale at a strong, consistent ROAS of 3.0 across paid media channels enabling the company to adopt an ROI driven business model and develop a strong economic foundation to scale from.
Collectibles & Memorabilia Marketplace

Why We Engaged

Through SKU and demand side data analysis, we identified a material opportunity to build an evergreen business off of a dynamic portfolio of SKUs. Our strategic approach was then rooted in acquiring loyal customers and implementing a data driven flywheel to synchronize supply and demand in real time to grow LTV, which has proven to yield a scalable asset.


1.5 Years
Paid media (brand and non-brand), Google Shopping feed development and optimization, CRO, analytics, customized Tracking systems, visual design, business development, advisory, strategy, financial modeling, SKU portfolio management and optimization


Analyze and organize all SKUs and categories, focusing on best performers.

Strategize, build, launch, and optimize campaigns for best performing collections.

Establish broad, evergreen campaigns to insulate revenue from seasonality and volatility.

Track sports seasonality and project revenue impacts to adjust campaign spends and stabilize revenue.

Design and write creatives and copies tailored to each collection, and run DTC Facebook campaigns to determine best performing creative assets.

Launch AIT Facebook campaigns to determine highest ROAS sports and collections.

Strategize and launch DPA remarketing campaigns to recapture drop-off traffic from Facebook and other acquisition channels, driving further conversions.


Developed an evergreen business enabling predictable revenue generation in an unpredictable model.

Drove significant Google and Facebooks Ads revenue at ROAS levels above 3.

Increased overall paid media revenue by 487%.
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