An e-commerce billiards retailer with the goal of generating new revenue streams through paid media channels to support growth objectives of the investor group.

The Challenge

With a large SKU set, custom legacy site with limited integrations, and iOS14 data challenges, we first built the technical and organizational foundation and infrastructure needed to initiate, track, optimize, and amplify paid media efforts. With this foundation set, we launched and managed profitable data-driven multichannel brand and non-brand campaigns in partnership with the management team, while working against severe pandemic supply chain outages.

The Outcome

Within 9 months from launch, we generated 30x in new revenue and contribution margin despite facing severe pandemic-related supply chain issues and inventory shortages of top selling SKUs.
Billiards E-Tailer

Why We Engaged

Through SKU and demand side data analysis, we identified significant white space across several dimensions to profitably scale the business and grow enterprise value. The realization of this dynamic along with our ability to execute a data driven strategy for profitable scale aligned with our mission to grow value through the lens of revenue generation despite the high degree of complexity, technical limitations of the company, and severe inventory outages of high demand top sellers.


90 Days
Paid media (brand and non-brand) strategy and management, Google Shopping feed development, management, and optimization, CRO, analytics, customized tracking system development, visual design, business development, advisory, strategy, financial modelling, SKU portfolio management and optimization, inventory forecasting.


Analyze and organize all SKUs, identifying and focusing on best performers through demand and margin modelling.

Launch paid media strategy focused on high-intent long tail keywords.

Launch demographic-based Facebook Conversion Campaigns to identify highest performing audiences and archetypes.

Design and write creatives and copies tailored to target audience, and run DTC Facebook campaigns to determine best performing creative assets.

Leverage archetypal data and proven creatives to strategically build, launch, and scale broad prospecting Facebook campaigns to increase customer acquisition and revenue.

Build out a Facebook remarketing funnel and DPA campaigns to increase customer retention and repeat purchase rates.


Generated +$3,000,000 in new revenue in a 9-month period and
$30,000,000 implied contribution boost to enterprise value.

Dominated and maintained the #1 position for paid media brand
presence with 15+ competitors aggressively bidding against.

Maintained a +50% revenue increase month-over-month for non-
brand while achieving a steady CPA through scaling phases.

Scaled Facebook campaigns while maintaining a highly profitable ROAS of 8.97.
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